The Something New Challenge


I'll be completely honest. Change scares the hell out of me. It's uncomfortable. You can't tell what's going to happen, or how things will turn out.

But that's the thing. We won't know what we're capable of unless we try! In order to grow as a person, we need to step out of our comfort zones. Otherwise we won't discover the power of our potential, of the things we're capable of, if we constantly stick to the things we know time and time again.

So I've decided that I need to step out of my comfort zone a whole lot more. I'll push those limits just a little further, so I can find out things about myself. And I'd be super delighted if you'd join me!

1. Pick something you don't normally do or have never tried before. It could be a product, a task, an activity... anything!

2. Make sure the challenge you pick is SAFE. I don't want to read about anyone trying out tightrope walking between 10-story buildings without a safety net. The Safety Police (that's right, ME!) will come knocking on your door and checking!

3. If you can't go through with your challenge, for whatever reason, IT'S OK. Don't force yourself to do something you feel is unsafe, or is making you unhappy. The idea is TO OPEN OURSELVES TO NEW EXPERIENCES THAT WILL HELP US GROW. Not the scare the heck out of ourselves!

4. Write a post about your challenge. It's totally up to you when you want to put yours up, and how often you want to write about it. I'll be putting mine up every Wednesday. Link up your blog post. Link up will be open all week.

5. I'll be picking a favourite post each week and highlighting it the week after. So please, please, please join up! Otherwise I'll have to award the shiny trophy button to myself. >_<

6. It would be great if you can visit at least one link up, and leave them some positive vibes. But hey, bonus points if you visit more than one blog! Maybe you'll come across new challenges that you might want to try for yourself!

7. You don't have to, a link is enough, but I would love you to the moon and back if you put up a button for the challenge! Either on your post or your sidebar is fine.

Stuck? Here's some ideas for challenges to get you thinking:

1. Go into a one-off dance class. Rope a friend in if you're too shy to go by yourself!

2. Read a book genre or magazine you've never tried before but have always been curious about.

3. Find and cook/bake that recipe you've been dying to try but find intimidating!

4. Strike up a conversation with a random person. Or heck, FINALLY ask that cutie out if you've never asked anyone out before!

5. Travel to a new place! Ok, maybe that's a little big, but hey...

The possibilities are endless baby!

Don't want to sound monotonous? You can shake things up a bit with your posts. Here's some questions you can answer if you're having trouble. Feel free to interpret/reword as you wish:

1. Introduce your challenge. Why did you pick it? What were your expectations and how did it go?

2. If your Something New is a product, review it! Did you like it? Hate it? Why?

3. If your challenge is a big one, how are you going with it so far?

4. I couldn't go on with this week's/month's challenge because...

5. Write what you learned about yourself from your challenge.

6. I'm so glad I tried (insert challenge here) because...

7. I'm scared to try (insert challenge here) and why I need YOU (your readers) to change my mind.

Can't wait to see your posts! Any questions, feel free to email me or leave a comment!

take care,


  1. This sounds like a fun challenge. It can definitely be hard to go outside of our comfort zone. Usually when we do (as long as it is safe) we feel so rewarded. Great idea! :)

  2. This is awesome!! I hope that your challenge is going well! :D

  3. This is great!! WIsh more people stuck with it. I wish I would of saw this when I posted mine!!!

    1. Haha, problem is I didn't stick with it. :P I'm sure yours will be super! I just find it hilarious how alike our ideas are!