The best lifestyle blogs ever - I promise, you'll like them!
Fat Mum Slim - Chantelle is one of the nicest pro-bloggers I've ever come across. I totally love her FMS Photo A Day (which Pink, yes the singer, participated in - just saying) and the FMS Gift Exchange was awesome!

Story of My Life - Jenni's blog is just... wow. I love her photographs, her sense of style. Yes, in short, I want to be her. :P

The Nectar Collective - Melyssa is so lovely. Her blog posts are entertaining, creative and inspiring. I can't wait for February when it's my turn to sponsor her blog!

Esther & Jacob - I met Esther via Melyssa's Snail Mail Collective (which is no longer going, sadly). I'm proud to call her a friend of mine. I think Esther's posts on gratitude are great, her photography is amazing, and her volunteer work is truly inspirational. I haven't had a chance to interact with Jacob, but he sure sounds like a top guy!

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