Tuesday, 11 February 2014

I'm still alive!

Hello! Just a quick note to say I am still alive. I felt like taking a little break from blogging after the month long challenge.

I'm heading off for a week further up north for a wedding. I'm so glad my friends are finally getting married, it's a love story that's been 8 years in the making. I've witnessed it right from the start, so it's going to be pretty emotional to see two of the most awesome people that I know finally tie the knot! Plus I get to share more of the prettiness of New Zealand with you guys when I get back. Yay!

So how have you guys been? What's new?

take care,

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  1. Glad you're doing ok. I was a little worried and was gonna send you an email to make sure everything was ok. Enjoy the wedding :)

  2. :) welcome back? i would be a bit burnt out from a month long challenge.

  3. Hi Toni!

    No worries about being MIA. I've been MIA for a month because of school even though I have been checking on my website. I haven't had the chance to blog in so long but I'm going to be getting back into it because of school hopefully. Can't wait to hear about your trip!

  4. Aww thanks Debbie, you're too sweet :)

  5. I'm back now! Thanks Esther. How have you been? Yeah I think next time I do a month long challenge, I'm going to ask for guest posters!

  6. Thanks AnneMarie :) After finishing a post today, I realised how much I'd missed blogging! I hope school isn't stressing you out.