Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The New Year Project: I Would Be Better At It If I...

Hi guys, short and sweet for me today as I'm a bit pressed for time.

Since I was 8, I've dreamed of becoming an author. Well, except that brief period in my tweens when I wanted to be a pop star, which was short lived since I realised I couldn't sing without causing physical discomfort to those listening, but anyway...

Ever since I decided to give up on the whole thing, after stupidly letting a professor's comments discourage me from pursuing a career that involved writing, I haven't been able to come up with a story that I want to pursue. I would probably write a page or two, and all those old insecurities would just come back and gnaw at me. Nothing ever seems good enough.

So maybe, I would be a better writer if I just let those fears go.

How would you answer this question? : I think I would be better at ___ if I ___.

take care,

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  1. Between you and me (and the entire interweb) my husband is an awful singer but that doesn't stop him from singing at the top of his lungs in our home LOL. That's a shame that a teacher who is supposed to be loving and encouraging put you in a place that makes you uncomfortable chasing a dream of yours. I think I would be better at everything if I quit comparing myself to others doing the same thing.

  2. Never let anyone interfere in your dreams! You can achieve whatever you want :) I hope you can write again (I used to write a lot when I was younger, I don't know why stopped.)

    I think I would be better at drawing if I practice more



  3. While you shouldn't let anyone's comments discourage you from something you really want to do, many authors don't even have careers just as authors. They write on the side until and unless they become successful enough to write full time.

  4. Thanks Amanda, I'll keep that in mind. :)

  5. Thank you Yokkiri :) I hope you write again too.

  6. You're so right Tiffany. We would all be better at all sorts of things if we stopped comparing ourselves with others. :)