Thursday, 31 October 2013

The One Where I Write From My Sickbed

Hello lovelies, just a quick post from me today, no fancy pictures, as I'm down with the flu. Count yourselves lucky, because today's post for the Something New Challenge was supposed to have my before and after photos! ;)

As I mentioned last week, the lovely Deanna over at The Book Lover's Attic has been checking up on me over the past 2 weeks in my attempt to look less lumpy in my new dress. Please go and give her a lot of love because she's been a great coach - I managed to lose 4lbs! Yay!

And while I'm on a sort of health-kick, my next challenge is to attempt the 30 Day Shred. Eeeeek! I did day 1 yesterday, and I'm ridiculously sore. It hurts to walk, sit, stand, go up the stairs live right now. It was a crazy hardcore 20-minute workout video by Jillian Michaels, and I was just completely exhausted by the time it was finished.

I've been to the gym before with an instructor pushing me the whole time, and I thought that was hard. But that past experience was nothing compared to this!

I actually wanted to cry at one point. Uh... yeah that puzzled me too.

So I'm a little angry that I'm sick right now, since it means I did day 1 for nothing and have to start again. Boo!

take care,

p.s. will most probably post again on my challenge at the end of it, instead of on a weekly basis.

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