Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The One Where I Volunteered At The SPCA

At least, the one where I tried to volunteer anyway. I emailed, called and left a message, and no one got back to me. Boo! There goes my dreams of being a good sort. So much for that challenge.

I must apologise for being MIA for the past couple of days. We've been having crazy strong gales for the past few days, and this seems to be wreaking havoc on our wireless. The joys of living out in the country.

Anyway, my next challenge is a slightly embarrassing one, but definitely a challenge. I bought this gorgeous dress from Ruche and it fits, but (and it's a big butt - see what I did there? haha), you can see all my sins outlined in it. I'll spare you the image for now, beware the before-and-after photo in two weeks. You have been warned!

As much as I would love to try and noticeably lose weight in a week, I don't want to kill myself in the process. So this one will be a two-week challenge, with a check-in next week to see how I'm doing.

Now, I need a volunteer from the audience. Someone I can be accountable to every few days because I am incredibly damn lazy, and I am so good at making excuses that I can easily worm my way out of anything and feel justified about it. Any takers?

take care,


  1. I love these challenges so much! I wish I had motivation to diet and exercise and accomplish this same goal. But I just love chocolate (and any sweet for that matter) wayyy too much... The best of luck with all your challenges...I'm always rooting for you! :)

  2. Thank you Samantha :) I love chocolate too, and other junk food. Oh dear. Thanks so much for your encouragement. Fingers crossed with this challenge!

  3. Hi Toni! I hate it when I am so ramped up about volunteering only to be let down. Don't give up! There is an organization out there that could use your help! Do you still need someone to be accountable to? I would be happy to harass you every few days to make sure you are behaving yourself! ~Deanna

  4. Oh yes please Deanna! It's only day 2 and I'm already procrastinating from exercising. >_<

  5. Hi Toni. I hope that you are having a good day. What are you doing for exercise? Are you running on your own? Are you going to a gym? Are you working out at home? Let me know! ~Deanna

  6. Good questions which might get bad answers! >_< I'll email you hun :)

  7. I think that some of these organizations are so overwhelmed that they don't get back to people...a catch 22 of sorts...but don't give up!

    And good luck with your goals...just make sure that you stay healthy! I'm pulling for you...and me too...I started a sort of power Yoga a few months ago...haven't lost a pound (boo :( probably b/c I eat like a pig) but I do feel a bit stronger and seem a bit less jiggly wiggly... :)

  8. Hmm yeah I can imagine how they can be so overwhelmed and not have time to train someone or even call them back. Ah well, I'll keep trying every now and then.

    Good luck on your power yoga too! Yeah I haven't lost anything yet, though it's only been 4 days and we've got cake at home >_<