Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The One Where I Try To Make New Friends!

Last week, I challenged myself to go for a run every single day. I must admit, I did it for all of three days and basically felt like I was gonna die would injure myself. So I'm feeling rather sheepish at the moment, but I shall keep on with this challenge! I think my mistake was to go running all of a sudden instead of getting myself eased into it. I'll let you know once I manage to make it a whole week.

My challenge this week may not seem like much of a challenge at all to anyone else. It's a big deal to me though. I know I'll be spending all of tomorrow being a nervous wreck. The thing is, I have difficulty making friends, and I find it hard to talk in a group situation (yep, parties are uncomfortable for me). I also find it difficult to go to gatherings like this by myself.

So what have I gone and done? Challenged myself to go and join a book club. Eeeeeek. Just the thought of trying to make small talk with complete strangers is making my hands go all clammy and my stomach is trying to do somersaults.

Have you challenged yourself to do something recently? Share the link so I can go read it!

take care,


  1. You go girlfriend!! You're much braver than I am...I'm embarrassingly shy :/ I really should start challenging myself like this too....

  2. Jogging is such a terrible thing to do, kidding. Book clubs, thats awesome. Unfortunately i havent heard of clubs here in my city. Good bless. btw, you wanna exchange banner or link ? :))

  3. Amanda Papenfus Eatherly27 November 2013 at 17:46

    Book club sounds much more fun than jogging anyhow lol. I actually just joined a local book club I found through Facebook. Seems pretty cool so far even though I'm a little doubtful of my ability to keep up between the facts my book is still lost somewhere in the mail and I hardly ever get to read anything that isn't a textbook. Still, meeting people who don't look at me like a freak for liking to read is always fun.