Friday, 25 October 2013

Make It Easy For Followers To Find You (Part Two)

Hello! A little while back I posted about making it easy for potential followers to find your blog via Facebook, Google+ and your Blogger profile. As promised, for this second part we'll be looking at Twitter, Instagram, Disqus and Pinterest. I'll mostly be talking about the Disqus commenting system, because the other three social medias are pretty straight forward.

I won't be waffling on too much about this one, as it's pretty straight forward. All you need to do is double check that you've filled out your website details in your profile, so that there's a link from your Twitter profile page that goes to your blog. Easy peasy.

Again, pretty easy too. Check on your profile that you've got your blog url on your Instagram profile, especially if you follow photo challenges and use their hashtags, such as Photo A Day over at Fatmumslim's. I've noticed that some of my followers on other avenues such as Bloglovin' found me via Instagram first.

(A slightly off-topic note for the hashtag naysayers: I must admit, I initially thought hashtags were pretty dumb. But if you want to grow your following and likes on Instagram, it sure works. As soon as I started using them, I doubled my likes in a matter of days, and saw an increase in my followers. I'm not saying I've got tons, but there was definitely an improvement.)

If you use Disqus, please, please, please read this.

As much as I love Disqus for its efficiency, it's slightly difficult to return the favor of a visit to commenters. Most of the time, when you hover your mouse on the commenter's avatar, you'll see a little pop-up box come up that looks like this:

See the part I circled in red? Most of the time, nothing is written on that part of the commenter's mini-profile. Sometimes, there's a little blurb about the commenter, which is nice too. Now, I know what I have on mine isn't a clickable link to my site, but at least you'll know how to find me right?

Ok, if you'd rather have nothing written on there about yourself, at least double check your full profile. Is the link to your blog there? Are your social media links clickable and do they actually lead to the correct pages? I've come across quite a few Disqus users that have nothing on their full profiles, or the links to their other social media aren't clickable.
If you have nothing on there, simply login to Disqus and click settings from the drop down menu. A pop-up box will appear with tabs on the side. To place the link for your blog, click on profile and fill out with your details. To link your social mediums, click on the services tab. Check the boxes to the social mediums you want linked to your profile. Ta da!

Pretty straight forward as well. Have a look at your profile to check if your blog URL is there, correct, and verified; Twitter logo leads to the correct profile, same with Facebook.

Hope this helps even just a little bit!

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  1. What a great post Tony, thank you!

    I found your blog through polka dot heart blog hop and now following you :)

    Ila x

  2. Thank you Ila! Glad you liked it. :) and thanks for following!