Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Make It Easy For Followers To Find You! (Part One)

Kitty needs help finding your blog!
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Social media and comment systems are fantastic ways of keeping in touch and having a bit of fun with your followers, and also for increasing your chances of getting potential followers. Well, the second part is true, if you've actually made it easy for potential followers to find your blog!

Sometimes I'd be trawling through the comments thread of an interesting blog post, or looking at Facebook pages and I come across a gem. I click on the person's link to find out more and... nothing. No email. No website. Nothing on the info page. Or a link that leads to an old blog that they are no longer using.

This happens to me a huge chunk of the time. I'm sure you've experienced this too. No matter how awesome that person sounds, they've lost a potential follower. I wonder how many more followers they've lost because of this.

I'll be talking to you about how to avoid this in several social media platforms and commenting systems. This first part, we'll take a look at Blogger, Google+ and Facebook.

Go over to your Blogger profile. Is your email displayed? No? This means if I want to reply to your super kick-ass comment, I can't. So let's look at your blog link. Is it accurate and up to date? I've lost count of how many bloggers I couldn't return the favour of a visit to, because the link led to an old blog they no longer use.

One work around to this is actually leaving a link to your blog on the comment you leave. It doesn't have to come across as, "Hey, I visited you, you should visit me!", because that's just a turn off. It can be as subtle as putting a signature under your comments and turning your name or blog name into a link.

If you've jumped ship from the Blogger profile to Google+, your email settings may still be not allowing people to email you, even if you've enabled this on Blogger. You can check this by viewing your profile as public, instead of yourself (it's at the top bar of your Google+ profile). At least this one's not a biggie, since people can leave comments on your posts section - assuming they found you via Blogger's commenting system that is.

Check your links though. Are they there on your 'about' section and viewable as public, not just your circles? Why not add links to your other social media networks? If I think you're interesting, I'd most probably want to follow you via other Facebook or Twitter too.

This one's pretty easy. Just make sure you've filled out your blog's page 'about' section properly, check that the link to your blog is correct. Or, also consider placing the link to your blog in your page's intro (that bit under your page's profile photo). I know it only saves 1 click, but it's a nice courtesy to your visitors.

For the next part, I'll be talking about Twitter, Instagram, Disqus and Pinterest!

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  1. Yay! Wonderful tips Toni! My blog has a facebook but I don't use it a lot. I'm onto twitter now since it's easier! Looking forward to your next set of tips! :D

  2. Subscribing from The October Daily challenge.

    What an adorable kitty picture! And I've learned from the text of your post too! :O) Is there a time limit on the "Something New" Challenge? Sounds like a good one, and I'm a comfort-zone-bound kind of a gal, but my plate is F-U-L-L this month. Just wondering. Have a great day!

  3. Thanks again for stopping by! Sent you an email a few minutes ago :) good luck with the busy month!

  4. thanks for inspiring the post with your October Daily Challenge, Mary :D