Sunday, 18 August 2013

One Lazy Sunday

I am officially an Instagram addict. As with every other trend, I tend to jump into the bandwagon quite late. I don't post everything I take on Instagram though. I just like being able to use the filters with the pictures I take on my phone.

I love how the every day mundane things suddenly look nice in photographs if taken from an interesting angle and put through a filter. Well, I still need to learn the 'interesting angle' aspect of taking pictures, but at least the filter part is easy.

I didn't have anything exciting on this week to share for Snapshot Sunday, unfortunately. I was sick for a good chunk of the week. I can only take so many photos of things around my room, and with the messy state it's in, even filters are defeated and can't make it look pretty. So now that I'm able to get up and go around again, I've decided to take you guys with me for a part of my typical lazy Sunday.

Morning cuddles with my baby Griffin. Got a visit from mum's cat, Zumba.

Getting ready to go out, then off to the bookstore. $1 for each book!

Armed with my white chocolate mocha for some blogging time.

Paused at the Lake Front before heading home.
I hope everyone's had a great weekend! What did you get up to?


  1. What beautiful kitties!! And $1 books! Yayy!!

  2. Thanks Melissa! I know! Got to love $1 bargains. I can't wait to read John Green's one. His name keeps popping up everywhere!