Thursday, 9 February 2012

introducing the participants - 2012 something new reading challenge

I can't believe one month has gone already! I hope the year is going great for everyone so far, and that you're all on track with the challenges and resolutions you've set yourselves for this year.

January was a pretty good reading month for me. I managed to read 13 books, 4 of which were from reading challenges I've decided to participate in this year. Thanks to my pick for the 2012 Something New Reading Challenge for January, I've also discovered Gail Carriger, an author that fast became a favourite of mine (you can read my thoughts on her book Soulless here).

Now I'd like to introduce you to some of the lovely bloggers who have decided to take this challenge with me.

So Orlagh, what are your favourite book genres?
I like to try and read a bit of everything, but my favourite genre's are probably Historical Fiction, YA, Dystopian and Fantasy. 

Describe the bookmark you're currently using.
I don't really have a proper bookmark at the moment - actually, I do have heaps, I just don't know where they are.  They kind of get swallowed up in all my books.  Whenever I'm reading a book I usually just grab whatever is nearest and use that as a bookmark.  As such, my books are often filled with envelopes, old photos, receipts, or bobby pins.  I'll use almost anything as a bookmark.  I am a little anal about one thing though - I never, ever dog ear the pages of my books!  I can't stand it! 

Favourite reading spot?
When the weather is good I like to read outside on the deck, especially if it's a warm day with a nice cool breeze.  In winter though I like to read snuggled up on the couch with a blanket. 

Which genre did you pick for January?
I picked 'Autobiography', because I feel as if I don't read enough of those.  I think that I only read 2 last year.  It's interesting to read about people's lives and the things which they have done that have helped to define them or turn them into the people that they are today. 

Which book did you read and what did you think of it?
I read 'My Shit Life So Far' by the Scottish comedian, Frankie Boyle.  I only gave it 2/5 stars because it was a bit... offensive in some places.  You can read what I thought about it here.  Being a fan of Frankie Boyle's comedy I knew that it would be full on, but I wasn't quite expecting to be gasping at every second page.  Perhaps that was a little naive of me.

And which genre are you doing next month?
Next month I am going to read from a genre which I have never read from before - Self Help!  Suggestions are welcome! 

Thanks Orly! Now, over to Nancy...

Simple Clockwork
Hi Nancy, what are your favourite book genres?
classics, Philippine literature, romance, children's and middle-grade books, Christian fiction, literary fiction (particularly short stories)

And where's your favourite reading spot?
The quiet and stillness of my room.

Which genre did you pick for your 2012 Something New Reading Challenge for January?

Which book did you read and what did you think of it?
Sarah, Plain and Tall by Patricia MacLachlan (click here for Nancy's review of it)

And what genre are you doing for February? (clean) romance.

Thanks Nancy! Last but not least, we have Dorothy...

Dorothy at ...goodbye, yellow brick road!
What are your favourite book genres, Dorothy?
i enjoy anything that's well-written... with an element of science fiction or fantasy! or just unorthodox twists! i like my films the same way, ahah.

Describe the bookmark you're currently using:
ha ha ha! i should have a neat little bookmark by now - but i don't! a diy bookmark is now noted for my ever growing list of arts & crafts projects :) thank you for pointing that out! anyways, right now it's a random photo in one book... and a piece of scrap ribbon in another. usually it's just the first thing i can find when the need for it arises - and i stick with it until i finish the book! to think of it, i've not had an actual bookmark since - dare i say it - middle school. and that was over 15 years ago! wow, i sound old; but i'm not! ahah.

Favourite reading spot?
i love reading outdoors next to the water. in the warmer months, i'm notorious for packing a picnic equipped with a bottle of wine and a good read - then enjoying the entire day out there soaking up the sun and cozying up with my book. one of my most recent spots is right next to a cliff dropping off to the lake, overlooking a mountain. so beautiful; so peaceful. i don't understand why more people don't get out there and take it all in..!

Which genre did you pick for January? Which book did you read and what did you think?
young adult - because i wanted an excuse to read the hunger games (click here for Dorothy's thoughts on it) due to all the hype i've been hearing about it in anticipation for the movie coming out in march. needless to say, right after i finished it i started on catching fire because i liked it that much... and the way that one concluded forced me to get on mockingjay, stat! i plowed through the trilogy in about 4 days, ahah. no shame.
and then i reread through the looking glass just because it's been years... and there was something that randomly came up sparking my interest; although i couldn't even tell you what that was, now :) ahah.

Which genre are you doing next month?
inspired by my recent introduction to steampunk, i picked up soulless to fulfill my romance quota for the challenge. however, i've recently been instructed by a friend that ineed to get on the shadow of the wind - so i picked that up too. it's still up in the air as to which i will start off with first - but i'm leaning towards the latter because i really enjoy stories within stories..!
A huge thank you to Orly, Nancy and Dorothy for sharing their thoughts and time.

And just in case you'd like to add a link to your January review for the 2012 SNRC, feel free to fill out the linky form below.


  1. Oops...forgot all about this :/ Great answers from the girls!


  2. I'm jealous of you girls reading so much. I've been writing all of Jan and this month too, but April & May will be my reading months to make up for it.
    It's funny that I too use whatever lies around for my bookmarks:)

    1. Same here Marta. I'm currently using a cardboard tag from a top I bought a few months ago. Sometimes it's receipts! :) good luck with the writing!

  3. Loved reading all the answers from the other bloggers. It is always interesting to find out about the reading habits of others. Like Nancy, I also like to read outdoors- near the water if possible.

    Sounds like you have been doing a lot of reading! Yeah! You are rising to the challenge!

    1. Thank you Jess! As for me I like reading on a nice, comfy couch. But when it's summer, nothing beats spreading out a picnic blanket on the grass and reading under the sun with a nice, cold glass of juice!

  4. I didn't get a chance to fill mine in! Hopefully I can be featured this month instead?

    Loved reading the answers from the other girls though :)

    1. Absolutely Megan! :) Which genre are you doing this month? I haven't started on mine yet (chicklit. I was going to do romance, but I couldn't find one that I liked that didn't have an embarrassing cover. Is that weird?).

    2. There must be lots. I 'm also looking for a book on romance without the, uh, abundance of human features on the cover. hehehe :-D Like I said, (clean) romance. What chicklit are you thinking of reading, Toni?

    3. Toni, I'm doing romance but it's actually more chick-lit because I read the book PS I Love You. I thought that because it talks about love it could kind of be considered a love story/romance...

  5. Hi Toni! Just letting you know that I have tagged you in a book tag on my blog - see for more info. I hope you'll participate because I'd love to read your answers!

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair