Saturday, 28 January 2012

Top 10 Tuesday: My Favourite Fairytales

Well, as the usually tardy say: better late than never. This week's Top Ten Tuesday is an open one, and as luck would have it, Amy had said she'd love to see a post about my favourite fairytales. Impeccable timing Amy! So, without further ado, here are my top ten favourite fairytales and why I love them:

1. Hansel & Gretel - if I'm going to be completely honest, it was the gingerbread house that did it for me. I also remember being impressed with how clever Hansel & Gretel were, and how much I pitied them, because I couldn't understand why the woodcutter could just let his children go. It was the first time I had encountered "the evil stepmother".

2. The Little Mermaid - have you ever read the original by Hans Christian Andersen? The original is so tragic. No wonder I grew up with the Disney version. I used to watch the movie every day when I was about 5 years old. No exaggeration. I was surprised a few days ago when I watched the movie again and found that I could still recite the movie, word for word. I think it was the songs that I fell in love with more than anything.

3. Makahiya - is not a fairytale, but is a legend of the plant bashful mimosa. The leaves of this plant close up when you touch them, and they have pink spiky flowers. Anyway, I grew up with the story, and used to ask my nanny to tell me the story over and over again. Makahiya used to be a young girl, turned into a plant when her mother hid her in the garden and prayed for her daughter to be saved from the bandits that have come to ransack their village. When the bandits had gone, the mother searched for her daughter in the garden, but only saw this curious plant in the place where she left her daughter. Grief stricken when she realized what had happened, the mother wept, and her tears turned into the pink flowers that grow on the Makahiya.

4. Cinderella - again, I grew up with the Disney version. I think I loved the story because of the mice. Gus is so adorable. I also loved the retelling "Ever After" that stars Drew Barrymore. Not too sure about how Leonardo da Vinci was portrayed in it though.

5. Bambi - the word "twitterpated". Flower and Thumper. Enough said.

6. Rapunzel - much as I enjoyed Tangled, I still love the original story better. I remember feeling so sad for the poor pregnant woman and her husband.

7. Water and Salt - if you haven't read this one, you should. I remember being so heartbroken for the poor princess.

8. Sleeping Beauty - I think Prince Philip was my first ever crush, even though I didn't even know what a crush was yet. And I kept wishing I had fairy godmothers too. Plus, Malificent is my favourite evil witch too. I loved her so much, instead of pretending to be Briar Rose when I was little, I pretended to be Malificent.

9. The Princess and the Pea - I'm not sure why this one stuck with me. But after the first time I heard it I kept asking to hear it again.

10. The Color Kittens - more of a fable, I guess? But I grew up with this book and it was my absolute favourite. I loved how cute the kittens were.

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