Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting

I used to bake quite a lot. A LOT. I'd bring in cookies, cupcakes and cakes into work as treats for my staff. But as the depression grew steadily worse, the number of baked goodies decreased. Then stopped altogether.

It's been nearly 3 years since I've baked anything from scratch. I don't count ready-mix packets as baking. It's like boiling instant pasta in the microwave and calling that cooking. So I was pretty proud of myself for stepping into the kitchen and doing what I really love again. I told myself that no matter the outcome, at least I've tried and I'm helping myself beat this damned depression.

Since I'm waiting for the release of Saved by CakeI thought I'd browse around the net for some easy recipes. I came across 2 promising looking ones. I found a recipe for moist chocolate cupcakes at thefarmchick.typepad.com, and yummy looking marshmallow frosting at veronicahurly.blogspot.com.

The cupcake recipe called for brown sugar, milk, vegetable oil and vanilla. I realised shortly after getting ready that I had only raw sugar, light milk, no vegetable oil and no vanilla. I used extra virgin olive oil and proceeded without the vanilla. I also realised that I couldn't find my electric mixer. Fantastic. The joys of moving house.

However, I found this in my mother's kitchen. How old school is this?

The recipe warns that the batter will be watery. Don't freak out because they were not kidding. It's really, really watery.

The chocolate cupcakes are truly, very easy to make. The cupcake is moist, but not too moist that it seems like you're eating slightly solidified batter. Quite chocolate-y and delicious, and it does make me wonder how it would have tasted if I had vanilla!

It made a total of 24 medium sized cupcakes, and took nearly 2 hours to make the cupcakes, from preparation to taking it out of the oven. However, I was in no hurry at all.

The marshmallow icing was also really easy to make. I can't really ice cakes beautifully even to save my life, so I just slathered it on top with a spatula. Still tastes great and marshmallowy.

I think what I liked the best about this was, well, not only did it taste fantastic, but at least I had a few hours where I wasn't wallowing in self pity.

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