Thursday, 29 December 2011

The Last Dragon Slayer by Jasper Fforde

Rating: 3 out of 5 chocolates

I've been meaning to get my hands on this since it came out in 2010, but only managed to get it early this year... then read it this month! Tsk. If you've read a few of my blog entries, you're probably sick of me mentioning how awesome Jasper Fforde is. If this is the first time you're here, well... JASPER FFORDE IS AWESOME.

I first got hooked into Jasper Fforde when I picked up a copy of The Eyre Affair. I was instantly hooked. Fforde is such a witty, creative and funny writer. The Last Dragonslayer is his first young adult novel, and it did not disappoint. Though I must say, it didn't blow me away like his Thursday Next or Nursery Crime books. Although, this book reminds me a little of The Eyre Affair - which features an adorable sidekick, a strong female character, and an insane adventure.

With that said, I shall leave you with a short description from

"In the good old days, magic was powerful, unregulated by government, and even the largest spell could be woven without filling in the magic release form B1-7g. But somewhere, somehow, the magic started draining away.

Jennifer Strange runs Kazam!, an employment agency for state-registered magicians, soothsayers and sorceresses. But work is drying up. Drain cleaner is cheaper and quicker than a spell. Why trust a cold and drafty magic carpet when jetliners offer a comfy seat and an in-flight movie? And now potions are eligible for VAT...

But then the visions start. The Last Dragon is going to be killed by a Dragonslayer at 12.00 on Sunday. The death will unleash untold devastation on the UnUnited Kingdom, setting principality against dukedom and property developer against homesteader. And all the signs are pointing to Jennifer Strange, and saying"Big Magic is coming!"

The Last Dragonslayer is fizzing with all the creativity and genius Jasper Fforde's fans delight in, and will appeal as much to the young at heart as to the younger readers for whom it is written."


  1. I'm reading The Eyre Affair at the moment! Well, it's one of many books that I'm reading at the moment :) It has taken me a while to get into it but the more I have the harder it's become to put down. I love all the literary references! This book sounds great too!

    I hope you had a good Christmas Toni and I hope that next year brings you a little bit more happiness :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  2. I have never read anything by this author. I guess I should! This book sounds interesting and I really like the title. Thanks for sharing!