Saturday, 31 December 2011

2012 reading challenges

Well hello everyone! It's a very wet New Year's Eve here in New Zealand at the moment, but hopefully it'll clear up so we can have fireworks later tonight! *fingers crossed* Anyway, I'd like to wish you all...

a very Happy New Year! Bring on 2012! Yay!!!!!

So, while most of the people in the world have been thinking of their new year resolution/s, I was being true to my very nerdy self. For the past couple of days I've been thinking of what to read next year. Losing a bit of weight and dyeing my hair red did come across my mind, but then I started playing around with my e-reader and next thing I knew, I'd added a gazillion books on to my to-read list on

If you're interested in looking at the books I'll be reading next year (and I'm sure there'll be more than what's listed there), click here.

But before I go, I'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to Eustacia @ Inside the mind of a Bibliophile for my second Versatile Blogger Award! 2 awards in less than 3 months! Thank you so much! I'll blog more about it later, I promise.

Until then, see you guys next year. ;)


  1. Hey, thanks for including STORYBOUND on your list! Happy New Year!

    P.S. WOLF HALL is amazing...

  2. Happy New Year, looking forward to visiting your blog in 2012 :))

  3. Happy New Year, looking forward to visiting your blog in 2012 :))

  4. Happy New Year Toni! I love the new design, looks very smart.
    Also a big Jasper Fforde fan here! Look forward to visiting more this year!
    Lindsay x